Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Safest Place For You Is In My Arms

my love for you is magical just like the winter snow
if i was told to explain my love I'd say you'll never know
the safest place is in my arms no harm can reach you there
and when it tries to break my grasp ill calmly stroke your hair

we're young, we're quick, we're immature but still i love you so
imagine when we're older when we're learned and fully grown
i love everything about you from your head down to your toes
I'm fascinated, overtaken, overwhelmed with joy
that a girl like you was sent my way wanting more than just a toy

and when we are older i will marry you
the extent that i love you, you don't have a clue
the Lord took two grains of sand from the sea
and put them together for eternity
oh how i am loved to be given a girl
who will stand by my side as i take on the world

oh you are the one that i care most about
you'll always forgive me without a doubt
oh baby stay with me forever I'm yours
the Lord has just opened unshutable doors

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