Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Way Street

its a one way street no turning back my life's like a black hole i need a new soundtrack
i need a break from this thing we call life
my brain is filled with information that ill never use
its my cue now to take my stage for a new start
lets go now into that black hole of a life lets go lets go

its a fact we know how to live life in the wrong
but when we try to live right its as fake as a theme song
the broken man has a black hole for a heart it sucks up the goodness and spits out a hurse
it repeats the story over that's playing on his zune
is he the one that you should trust or the one who's heart giving off light is a must

he'll trick you and snipe you so that you will praise him
he'll tell you the opposite so you'll think of the antonym
this being does not care if your body dies
but will attempt the theft of your heart with lies
he doesn't show love he only shows hate
and he'll rip your soul through when you reach his black gates

there's only one way to go and its a long and narrow path
on which we travel day and night
its how we are its how we do there is no other way to play

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