Friday, February 5, 2010

A Fetus' Plea

they cannot speak, they cannot see, but still they have a soul
they sit inside their mothers womb while she has the control
and in her hands the decision lies to abort or to give life
to an unborn mystery of great potential that may end all our strife

it cannot help itself at all, all it can do is wait
while its mothers on the outside trying to decide its fate
it does not know what school is or even Jesus Christ
and yet before it's given sight its life is cheaply priced

the fetus calling out for help but not a soul can hear it
it will not get a chance at life unless u do not kill it

it cannot tell u stop and think of what your about to do
all its little body knows is to be afraid of you
it never did a thing to you it never even breathed
but just because of your mistake the knife will not be sheathed

please sheath your knife so it can breath
oh give it a chance at life

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