Wednesday, February 3, 2010


its like I'm living in the darkness with the light on the outside
it feels like everyone there heads away at this time
its like the clouds overhead are shading me from the sun i need
and everyone thinks that I'm invisible

its like the world is closing down on me and i have nowhere to run
its like the pressures coming down on me and i have no place to fall
its like i try my very best but everybody expects more
and never say good job when i succeed

its like the world is just now learning that we cannot win alone
they started helping with things that at one point i had done by myself
the Q&A in our minds will be answered by one who can
and i no longer have to be invisible

now you see me now you don't there i go here I'm coming
everybody step aside there i go here I'm falling
now you see her now you don't there she went still shes going
please somebody find a way find the one find the winner

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