Friday, February 5, 2010

Where Are You?

i cannot see where you have gone you simply disappeared
so when i close my eyes tonight ill dream of you my dear
i know that when i wake you'll be a step closer to me
when you get home ill hug you tight and never let you leave

oh please dont leave me anymore i don't think i can stand it
someone may try and take you from me for my plans that does not fit
oh babe you are forever mine you are my only love
whenever that i see your smile its like a flying dove

i only have one question to ask my girl
and that's is where have you run off to in this old mixed up world
oh baby please come back to me because i miss you so
where are you baby is what i asked but i may never know

A Fetus' Plea

they cannot speak, they cannot see, but still they have a soul
they sit inside their mothers womb while she has the control
and in her hands the decision lies to abort or to give life
to an unborn mystery of great potential that may end all our strife

it cannot help itself at all, all it can do is wait
while its mothers on the outside trying to decide its fate
it does not know what school is or even Jesus Christ
and yet before it's given sight its life is cheaply priced

the fetus calling out for help but not a soul can hear it
it will not get a chance at life unless u do not kill it

it cannot tell u stop and think of what your about to do
all its little body knows is to be afraid of you
it never did a thing to you it never even breathed
but just because of your mistake the knife will not be sheathed

please sheath your knife so it can breath
oh give it a chance at life


he wakes up every day to do the same old thing
he's happy on the outside but he's still in pain
he's losing people left and right is he the next to go
though he never fought a battle or even had a foe

is pain the way our lives should be
is pain the way to go
is pain a never ending feeling and the way life goes
is pain the way our lives should be
is pain the way to go
is pain a never ending feeling or is God the way to go

you sure did catch his eye with that short and narrow road
filled with earthly desires and non zion fires dont say it'll be ok
the smart man used his heart and took the long and winding road
though he'd never fought a battle or even had a foe

well he made it to the end of the long and winding road
he came out of the darkness without even a scratch
you could tell by his face he'd been traveling many years
and by then he'd fought his battles and had so many foes

is pain the way our life should be
or is God the way to go

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Way Street

its a one way street no turning back my life's like a black hole i need a new soundtrack
i need a break from this thing we call life
my brain is filled with information that ill never use
its my cue now to take my stage for a new start
lets go now into that black hole of a life lets go lets go

its a fact we know how to live life in the wrong
but when we try to live right its as fake as a theme song
the broken man has a black hole for a heart it sucks up the goodness and spits out a hurse
it repeats the story over that's playing on his zune
is he the one that you should trust or the one who's heart giving off light is a must

he'll trick you and snipe you so that you will praise him
he'll tell you the opposite so you'll think of the antonym
this being does not care if your body dies
but will attempt the theft of your heart with lies
he doesn't show love he only shows hate
and he'll rip your soul through when you reach his black gates

there's only one way to go and its a long and narrow path
on which we travel day and night
its how we are its how we do there is no other way to play

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


its like I'm living in the darkness with the light on the outside
it feels like everyone there heads away at this time
its like the clouds overhead are shading me from the sun i need
and everyone thinks that I'm invisible

its like the world is closing down on me and i have nowhere to run
its like the pressures coming down on me and i have no place to fall
its like i try my very best but everybody expects more
and never say good job when i succeed

its like the world is just now learning that we cannot win alone
they started helping with things that at one point i had done by myself
the Q&A in our minds will be answered by one who can
and i no longer have to be invisible

now you see me now you don't there i go here I'm coming
everybody step aside there i go here I'm falling
now you see her now you don't there she went still shes going
please somebody find a way find the one find the winner

The Safest Place For You Is In My Arms

my love for you is magical just like the winter snow
if i was told to explain my love I'd say you'll never know
the safest place is in my arms no harm can reach you there
and when it tries to break my grasp ill calmly stroke your hair

we're young, we're quick, we're immature but still i love you so
imagine when we're older when we're learned and fully grown
i love everything about you from your head down to your toes
I'm fascinated, overtaken, overwhelmed with joy
that a girl like you was sent my way wanting more than just a toy

and when we are older i will marry you
the extent that i love you, you don't have a clue
the Lord took two grains of sand from the sea
and put them together for eternity
oh how i am loved to be given a girl
who will stand by my side as i take on the world

oh you are the one that i care most about
you'll always forgive me without a doubt
oh baby stay with me forever I'm yours
the Lord has just opened unshutable doors